Professional Fear Free One-on-one grooming in Calgary

*June 2022 - not taking any new clients except handstrips

Grooming with the comforts of home

I groom each dog one by one in my home with no interruptions. This ensures a Fear Free* environment for your dog. 

*Fear Free Certified* 

Fear Free Certified

Though many claim to be "low stress" or "fear free", our business is truly a Fear Free practice (certified 2019, the second groomer in Calgary to do so). We only groom 1-2 dogs per day and groom the entire dog start to finish. Though this is much less efficient for me, and significantly less lucrative, I truly find my client dogs are happier when groomed this way.

  • I find dogs that normally need to be sedated do not need their sedation after 1-2 grooms with us.
  • I do not use belly bands, hammocks, or other false restraint. I only use a single neck loop which can quickly be released with a snap of the buckle. 
  • I use padded mats meant specifically for dogs that are anti-fatigue which does make a huge difference in the grooming experience
  • Dogs are allowed and encouraged to sleep through their grooms

Yes, we handstrip!

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